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Cole Valley is a thin slice of San Francisco Real Estate bordered on the west by Stanyan Street and the Sutro Forest, on the south by Tank Hill and on the east by Clayton Street. It was popular with dotcomers during the late 1990s. Craig Newmark- Craigslist founder is a recent former resident.

The Vibe: Today, Cole Valley is home to young professionals, staff and students of UCSF and families whose land titles can be traced back to the 1960s.  The tree-lined streets, some Victorian architecture and cozy cafes give this neighborhood its charm.


Walk Score Bus and muni routes. Built-in garages and street parking. Bike and scooter-friendly.

Cole Valley Businesses and Shops:

Most businesses in Cole Valley are of mom-and-pop variety. There are chains and franchises as well. Food and coffee are the specialties here. The main commercial strip is condensed into two blocks along Cole Street, between Parnassus Avenue to the south and Frederick Street to the north. This strip includes several cafes, Cole Hardware, the brunch mecca Zazie and Crepes on Cole.

Our Take:

Young professionals, families and empty nesters- this is a neighborhood not to miss when shopping for a new home.



EOS, Zazie, Other Café, Cole Valley St Festival, Bambino’s Ristorante, Boulange de Cole Valley, Burgermeister, Reverie Café, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, The Sword and the Rose



Noe Valley is named after Jose de Jesus Noe, the last Mexican mayor of San Francisco. He used to own what is present day Noe Valley as part of his Rancho San Miguel. The neighborhood was developed at the beginning of the 20th century after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

The Vibe:

Noe Valley is home to hundreds of classic Victorian and Edwardian residential architecture- some of which still have their original facades. Noe Valley has one of the highest concentrations of row houses in the City. Noe Valley is currently home to many urban professionals, particularly young families with children as well as more mature residents who have owned homes there all their lives.  Noe Valley is now considered an upscale neighborhood where a well-maintained property selling for $2-5 million is not unusual.

Walk Score & Getting Around:

Built-in garages and tons of street parking makes it viable to own a car in Noe Valley. The J Church and several tech shuttles run regularly and parts of Noe are close to the Glen Park and 24th St. BART stations.

Restaurants & Local Businesses:

One of the best neighborhoods for coffee-and-a-bagel mornings and bourgeois sensibilities, many joke about Noe Valley’s “stroller population”. Given the current and neighboring area residents, it has attracted upper scale merchants. Expect handmade products, organic produce and higher end products when shopping.

Our Take:

Pet-friendly. New baby-friendly.  All around family-friendly neighborhood with true San Francisco charm.


Farmers Market, Noe valley Pet Company, Echo Furniture, Firefly, Fresca, Incanto, St Paul’s Catholic Church, Noe Valley Spa